Project Vesto

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It’s been a very busy month at Loogla HQ!   Last time we wrote about the entrepreneurial climate in Nevada.  Today we wanted to share our enthusiasm at having been selected as one of twelve finalists for Project Vesto, “Nevada’s Next Generation Business Competition” with a grand prize of $100,000!  We’re thrilled and honored to have been selected.  We’ve poured our hearts, souls, and savings into building Loogla, so the opportunity to win such a prize is not only a fabulous opportunity, but a lifeline for a product that has the potential to change the way people learn. 

We will have more information about voting soon, and will be tapping lots of shoulders. If you think education matters, stay tuned.  We’ll update with the voting information and want you to come show your support, vote for us and help our language and literacy project win $100,000!  Loogla has a big dream that you can help make come true.