Regional dialects

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If you’re thinking  of traveling somewhere to do an immersion course in Spanish, one of the key things to think about is the predominant accent spoken inyour preferred destination.  Argentina is a popular place to come and take classes, largely because Buenos Aires is a bustling city with thriving arts culture, famous parillas and fabulous ice cream, and of course the lure of the tango (which helps work off the extra calories).  But one thing that isn’t usually a consideration when choosing Argentina is the accent! 

It’s very helpful  to know, and something to consider, that when you come to Argentina that the people in Buenos Aires speak what they consider Rio Platense Castellano and their most definite peculiarity in pronunciation where the double l (ll) is pronounced as a “shh” sound instead with a soft a rather than the “yuh” sound used in so many other latin cultures, and even outside of Buenos Aires.  For example, lluvia, the word for rain, is pronounced ‘shoe-via’.  Pollo is ‘po-sho’ instead of ‘poy-o’.  If you can incorporate the “shh” into your accent in Buenos Aires (and try to drop a che or two) you’ll be quick on the path to earning points with the locals.