Starting up in Chile.

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Loogla + Startup-Chile 2012

CORFO, the economic development authority of Chile, has welcomed Loogla into Start-Up Chile.  For anyone not aware of this innovative program, it attracts high potential startups from around the world to come to Chile and develop their projects.  Applications are reviewed by a panel of industry experts, and we're proud to have been accepted.  We at Loogla will be developing a better way to learn languages along with projects from some of the most prestigious intitutions in the world such as MIT, Harvard, Oxford and the Indian Institute of technology just to name a few.

After a long and interrupted development process to create the language learning system we would have wanted after moving to South America, it is invigorating to receive the endorsement of the Chilean government and a panel of specialists in entrepreneurial viability.  Our participation marks the beginning of our ability to offer Loogla to the public.  We are still accepting names for the closed beta so if you are interested in helping to make Loogla the best self-paced Spanish language eLearning platform out there, sign up for the beta using our no frills signup form.