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Loogla is Western Nevada's startup of the month.

It seems there is no shortage of incubators worldwide and creative approaches to putting wind in the sails of innovators these days.  Nevada, long known for its business friendly climate, is increasingly getting onboard and cultivating a startup scene.  The Loogla team recently participated in an exciting program to promote entrepreneurship in the state.  It's known as Project Vesto (  As an edutech company, a thriving ecosystem has been part of our decision process for the future direction of the project, and it's heartening to see our home base rising to the challenge.

There are those who say that startups outside a typical startup city like the other side of the hill in The [Silicon] Valley or New York face a burdensome disadvantage.  While those established regions have a leg up on the business life-cycle, they are also astronomically expensive places to live, which may have a chilling effect of risk taking to those living on the margins.  There is something powerful to be said for bootstrapping a company in a region like Reno.  The will exists, the money is getting there, and if anyone understands what it means to roll the dice, it's Nevada.

Creator of Project Vesto, Daniel S. Herr, will be announcing finalists this Friday, March 14th. Team Loogla will be there, and win or lose, we're enthusiastic about to playing a part in helping to grow opportunities in Nevada.

p.s.  We are honored that today EDAWN, the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, named Loogla as their Startup of the Month.



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