How it Works

Learning a language is an adventure. Loogla is the navigator.


We use a mix of advanced computational linguistics, a branching progress controller (The Learning Horizon) and directed human interaction.

At Loogla's core is an advanced morphological language parser that reads and analyzes a foreign language text. It doesn't just recognize words and phrases, it decodes the underlying structure of the language itself and builds a hierachical model that considers both semantics and valence grammars. It's like the sentence diagramming you did in grade school, but much more powerful and descriptive.

The following is a snapshot of the core structure of the analyzed sentence, "Con Loogla se puede analizar páginas de web y realizar actividades divertidas".

analyzed spanish grammar

Not only are the parts of speech, genders and tenses recognized, but the structure of the sentence itself is grouped.

The Learning Horizon

Each student has their own evolving Learning Horizon. It is dedicated to managing thousands of granular learning subjects arranged into a snoflake-like structure that branches out as you progress. These subjects may range from relatively simple or narrow topics like verb conjugation or translation to more nuanced ideas such as lexical chains to downright tricky matters of advanced grammar and usage. Each subject contains the logic necessary to identify itself in the analyzed text and generate any number of activities and lessons that often incorporate the text itself.

Smart Pacing

The Learning Horizon matches subjects on its branching structure according to a derivation of the "Effective Frequency" timing theory. Our timing strategy is similar to those employed in radio and television advertising to maximize retention, but it also responds to the learner's success and failure with a topic.

When subjects on the student's Learning Horizon are not found in thier choice of reading material, Loogla can suggest urls or texts from our library that might interest them where the subjects occur. If the subject is extremely rare or advanced, we create simulations that give students exposure to the activities on the subject so they can advance along their Learning Horizon.

Effective Frequency


Activities are either created by Loogla staff or contributed by instructors. When more than one activity fulfills a requirement for the same subject, an activity is chosen based on several factors such as

  • Tutor ratings
  • Whether the tutor is online
  • Prior exposure to the student

If a media activity is subtitled, the text of the captions works the same as an analyzed page.

  • Translate
  • Add to vocabulary lists
  • Create image and video flashcards
  • Take notes that are attached to the specific word when it reoccurs