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What are you into?

You learn language best when you care about what is being said.

Loogla is like exploring the web next to an expert teacher who can guide you, quiz you, and light your way.

Surf the web, do activities, learn language skills. It's that simple.

Dramatically improve

Advanced grammar skills
Pronunciation and comprehension
Common and regional usage
Tense, gender, and more
Deep vocabulary learning
Adaptive Perrsonalized Learning Path

How it works

Select any web page in Spanish and Loogla will intelligently integrate activities based on the text, tailored to your level of skill. Activities are created by real-live experts who are ready with more help.

There are also tools to help you comprehend and build vocabulary as your language skills increase. The result is a fun, effective way to really learn a language.


  • Smart syntax highlighting
  • Flashcards using text, images and video
  • Predictive vocabulary quizzes
  • Homework with video feedback
  • Listening comprehension
  • Active video subtitles
  • Beyond Verbs conjugator
  • Get any text narrated
One should connect language learning with either work or leisure. And not at the expense of them but to supplement them. —Dr. Kató Lomb, self-taught fluency in 16 languages.

Your time is valuable

Conversation in a second language with an untrained partner can be awkward, frustrating, or worst of all a waste of time.

Loogla helps the best tutors rise to the top. We use adaptive lesson plans so you can switch between experts without fear of delays or mismatched lessons.

friendly professional language instructors

Tutor Studio

Loogla's studio is a webcam-enabled, live, one-on-one learning space. Lesson plans are generated by your past progress in the system.

You don't have to use tutors, but it's good to know they're available on-demand when you need them.